We are back in business ya'll! Woohoo!

Image of abstract art that shows a woman's torso. By Sneha Mahajan

As of this Friday, 9th of February 2024 I will officially be able to sell my art again. Woohoo! Why was this not the case before now you ask? Well, we moved to the US from Canada in 2023 and as a Canadian citizen I couldn't just begin selling my work or be employed in the US without the proper work permit. And....my permit has finally arrived. After many many months of waiting. *applause*

This makes me happy and hopeful for what 2024 holds. It felt awful and incomplete to not be able to earn any money for the past few months. But, its all behind me now. We are back in business! 🙌🏽

In Canada, I didn't have to think very much about this. The law was more straightforward and as a citizen I could be employed right away. But here the laws are a little bit different and understandably so. I am still an immigrant in this country. The waiting is the frustrating part and I worry about being exactly right about anything that could jeopardize my chances in this country! Us immigrants worry about many little and big things and it can be almost impossible to explain the extent of it all to someone who doesn't have that lived experience. If I started to list every single decision that this has impacted in our lives....I could write a whole big fat book. Our immigration statuses overshadow our life decisions at every point. They also affect our friends and families. Whether we buy a home or get a puppy or have kids or how many or save enough or go on vacation. On and on. But, this is a topic for another day.

I could go on and on about my own research about what type of licences I need before I can sell stuff...but...I'm not an expert. Here's a great article I found on the topic. Link below. Fair warning: I don't know if this person who wrote the article is an expert, but it helped me get an idea about where I could begin. So, do your own research too.


Turns out I need a sellers permit before I can sell and my business will be classified as a sole proprietorship. It's an easy process to obtain this where I live. 



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