A mural with pretty lines? Yes please!

Blue and green watercolour line art by Sneha Mahajan in Madison Wisconsin

How much would I love to see a variation of this style as a mural? A lot. I'd love it a whole lot. Given how organic this style is I can see it adapting well to a mural on a wall. Can you see it too? ;) This is me putting a thought into the world. Perhaps I'll manifest an opportunity to add a mural to the walls of Madison, WI - my current home. 

I love it when cities have *well done* murals on prominent walls. It gives the city a personality and as a visiter I feel welcomed with all that color. It gives local artists visibility. It attracts more people to those parts of the city. Endless benefits.

Mural of Nelson Mandela in Montreal, QC

Thus far - my favourite city to visit that had murals was Montreal, QC in Canada. Oh what a treat. This city is meant to be explored while walking and there's many murals in unassuming places. Prominent or not...the walls of this city are pretty and colourful. I've been twice now and I know I'm gonna visit it again. Lots of things to do. Very walkable. Very well developed as far as accessibility to shops and restaurants goes and no matter where I was in the city, it felt like the neighbourhood had come together organically. I could see myself living there and really getting a great city experience without losing all my money on rent. 

Well. That's all I gotta say. :)

Dreaming in colour,



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