Art-ing after a long time

I made art this weekend after the longest time. How long had it been, you ask?

Over 5 month. Yep. 

I cannot explain what led to this sudden stop 5 months ago. Was it too much social media? Burnout? Was it me being lazy? Non-persistent? Was it me not making time? Not prioritizing it? Did I have other important things to do? I've been in a career transition for what seems like the longest time and the stress of it all could have been a reason for me to not let myself paint. I am not sure.

Being an artist feels like somewhat of a give and take process. Within that cycle, in some phases, you give more to your art and other times you take from it. These past few months have been full of taking. I've stared and stared at paintings.....finished and unfinished. Lingered for long hours in my studio as I worked on other things in that same space.

Being surrounded by all that colour, my postcards up on the wall and all the weird crap I've gathered over time, it slowly brought me back to the ground. I remembered why I make art at all. It keeps me, myself. It keeps me connected to the unseen beauty around me. Like my dogs eyes or the sky or rocks by the lake or old and forgotten photos.

Gotta keep making art to not forget this feeling.

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