Bringing my immigration journey into art making

I decided that I wanted to incorporate my eyes into this collage. The significance of the card I cut up before I could use those eyes is huge. It was my Canadian permanent residence card and cutting it up meant that I am now a Canadian citizen. Yay!

We celebrated. There was cake. A lot of cake. 

I want to forever remember this feeling of permanence and safety that I've felt while living in Canada. Of feeling welcomed. Being wanted. Seeing myself represented as a brown person. In the government. In the media.

Immigration struggles and a search for "home" have become an inescapable part of my journey as an artist. This is one way to embrace all of that and turn it into something beautiful. And, perhaps a little weird? Who uses their cut up PR card in a collage? But, what is better way to remember this feeling than to make art from this permanent resident card? I couldn't think of any other way.

Not sure what I’ll name this collage yet. “Searching for home”, perhaps? Something tells me that my story in Canada is not complete yet. There's more to this.

And so, yes. I'm still moving. But, I’ve kept some art materials and supplies with me to keep me sane through the moving process.

Gotta keep making something. Eh? 😉

With gratitude,


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