Clean Your Studio (But Not Too Often)

I am notorious for ending up with a messy studio after a few days. I used to be ashamed of it and feel the need to clean up. But, then something happened that caused me to embrace my messiness. I found some magic.

One day I just didn't clean up. I let the paintings, studies and other random stuff just pile up for a while. I still have table space to work on my paintings but there's a couple of places that just accumulate stuff. 

The magic happens when I go through these forgotten things. New thoughts and ideas for experiments emerge from this process. 

Take this collage for example. I had entirely forgotten all of these bits and pieces that went into making this existed. Had I not looked through the particular pile that had all these little things, I could not have come up with the idea to try and put all this together. Granted I don't really make collages. Collages are not my thing (yet). Granted what may come of this process may sometimes look like shit. Granted nothing at all may come of it. But then, something just might. In a process of discovery you have to let your mind run wild and do things you normally wouldn't do.

All this so that once in a while magic can happen!

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