Flirting with collages. Patterns. Lines. Shapes. Textures.

I've been flirting with collages again and it's been exciting. I've cut up more than a few old paintings...two old books I got on the cheap at a library beautiful silk scarf I got as a gift that was never going to greeting card...strips of art left over from cutting paintings to size. Some thread. Washi tape. What fun!

It's exhilarating to put different patterns, shapes, and pieces together to try and make it all work. It's also such a great way to think of composition in art and get stronger with that. I don't know if I'll do too much with collages, but they have certainly intrigued me a lot over time. This is my fourth one.

What's especially interesting about collages is working with "found stuff" or things you already have. It forces you to think outside the box and step away from your usual ways to solve a problem. For this reason, I feel collages can be a great palette cleanser before embarking on a new project.

Currently I am contemplating a collection release of older paintings. I'm trying to figure out if its cheating if I release old paintings as a new collection. In my defence, most of these paintings have not seen the light of day, so they are still new in that regard. I'm gonna give it some more thought before I decide.

Until then, collages it is!




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