Here's my twisted and somewhat naive view on dropping Instagram engagement

Most of us have realized by now that Instagrams ever changing algorithm about what posts get visibility is pretty much impossible to keep up with without losing your mind entirely. I haven't been on Instagram for too long..only since 2020..but it seems the landscape has changed for worse even since then and somewhat permanently unless they take drastic steps. I'm not going to hold my breath over this changing for better. And don't tell me to use's by Meta so I don't have any long-lasting expectations.

Instagram no longer holds that much importance for me in my art making. Sure I share my shit there....and I adore the people with whom I have developed a good relationship over the years. I wouldn't have met so many wonderful people were it not for Instagram. They know who they are and it is for them that I keep using Instagram....and not for any hope of selling more of my art or getting famous for it overnight!!

But still....even knowing all can be disappointing to see no engagement with your post...with those carefully curated pictures and perfect lighting. It takes effort to write it all up. Right? Well. Fear not!! Hear me out. I've got a positive twist on the reason for this drop in engagement. It's a naive you will soon realize...but I'm just gonna choose to believe this. And..then I'm gonna keep making my art. Which is what really helps me grow as an artist.

I want to believe that the dropping engagement on Instagram is not related to their algorithm fuckups or AI or ever growing greed...but because of people finally realizing that social media isn't all that great for them. I know. Drastic and naive? We all know it. Don't we? Most of us spend way too much time here anyway...but we know it's bad for us. That knowledge is not new anymore. I know I have certainly cut back quite a bit on my use. Yes, I share what I like still and it's still a somewhat OK way for me to find new artists....but I don't rack my brain so hard over posts doing well or not anymore. I wanna make the art instead. Not gonna lie...I still care. I'm human...but not as much as before. It's a healthier way to use this platform I believe. 

So...just like that...what if all of us...collectively...are finally actually getting better at putting our phones away for longer time and spending that time in a better way instead....vs scrolling on Instagram. That is good right? 

I mean....I love making art. And I love it when people tell me they like it. It feeds my massive ego and everything. ;) Who wouldn't love it? But, it sometimes makes me wonder....when I'm hoping for a particular painting to do well on Instagram, what I'm really hoping for is for you guys to take time away from your that cute puppy you just brought home...and look at Instagram instead. What a huge waste. And, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Any time we have here on's limited...and my naive mind wants to believe that the dropping engagement on Instagram that we're all seeing is just people making wiser decisions on how best to spend their time. :) 

Here's 10 things I imagine people are doing:

1) Scratching their dog's butt as much as he or she wants....while their full attention is on the scratching and scratching alone....while calling them your schnoodly poo the hundredth time in 5 minutes.

2) Dancing to some funky ass music playing in the background while they are cooking up a nice meal

3) Admiring the snow outside as it falls to the ground

4) Talking to their parents....whether in person or via phone...while not scrolling on social media mindlessly 

5) Making art! It's impossible to be on social media while being lost in thought making art.

6) Playing hide and seek with their children. This one makes me smile.

7) Going to the farmer's market with friends and immersing themselves in witty-giggly useless banter :)

8) Reading mystery books curled up with some hot tea and biscuits

9) Going on dates with their loved ones and not being distracted by the tings and bings from social media.

10) Baking a cake for their neighbour for no particular reason

Blissfully naive,


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