How unstructured play and art journals help me.

Let's talk about play time for a little bit.

I believe we all need an activity in our daily lives where we can let loose and just be. It's very easy to do something like this, but not initially. Not until you've found it. It's also not just one activity, there could be multiple. But, you need that "one" to start the process. To catch your fancy. Once you are hooked on how it makes you feel, you'll be set.

The struggle happens in that time early on when we are trying on stuff and seeing what fits. People like me, who have a habit like this, are lucky. Our minds are conditioned from a young age, by habit or choice, to do some activity. Over time we get better at letting our minds wander. Dwell on little moments.
For other's its a process of trial and error to identify what brings joy and what doesn't. It's so very worth it though. It's worth looking for this joy. Once you find it, you will not let go. In this place there are no judgements. You are free to explore and experiment. You are free to be. Be yourself. Be childlike in your wonder. You are free to be full of wonder. Be full with joy over simple things like how your bread smells or how a freshly cut tomato looks or simply how light changes the colour of most things or how your dog looks at you. There's an unlimited number of things to wonder about.

Once you see you cannot unseen this sort of wonder. Its like a drug. Once you find wonder, you will forever seek it. You will forever chase it. It's in this pursuit that life will pass. This is the beauty of it. This chase then becomes life itself.

All of this comes from that unstructured playtime. Can you relate?
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