Life is bittersweet. We're moving - AGAIN!

Life is bittersweet. We're moving - AGAIN!

My studio
My studio

I have bittersweet feelings today as I dismantle parts of my studio.


We are moving again - that’s the sweet part - Wisconsin was home before this became our home and I’m happy to be going back.


Bitter - since I adore my studio & the home we have built here. All through the pandemic, this became our safe space and we flourished here. Silo became an old man with back problems, I grew into an artist, my husband discovered cooking. We started to put our roots down. We became more of ourselves than before and embraced our Indian identity a teeny bit more.


I am almost certain that I will never find a space that is as well suited for a home studio as this room right here. There’s 6 huge windows and a ton of space. It’s away from the main home area so I can blast music for as long as I want without bugging anyone. I can be all by myself as I work here. And I see the sunset every day.

My studio
My studio

I’m gonna miss this dearly. Sigh.

For the next year, things will be a bit choppy with respect to having a proper studio space. We are temporarily moving to a MUCH smaller home - so I’ll be working in the garage or in the darkness of my basement beside the washer & dryer lol. I don’t know yet. The only sure thing will be that I'll still be making art. No matter where I am.

I am after all an artist, aren't I? 

There’s also the little thing about not being able to sell art for a while since I’m packing everything up bit by bit and we are driving things over to Wisconsin slowly - so the shop will be closed for a little bit, with some of my art here and some of it all the way over in Wisconsin.


Change is the only constant. Yeah?


Feeling bittersweet,


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