Meet me at Madison Makers Market on August 17th!

I've been selected to participate in the Madison Makers Market organized in tandem with Delta Beer Lab coming up on 17th August. Come say hi and have a cold beer!

This will be my first market after our move from Toronto back to Madison. I’m excited for it! Madison Makers Market is led by David Van and they organize quite a few markets throughout the year with fun events and opportunities to get to know local artists and makers in the Madison area. There's usually food trucks and music. I’m hoping to participate in a few upcoming ones. 🤞🏽

My work is even more fun to look at when you’ve had some beer. 😉 These opportunities to see people interact with my art are precious. There's often a fee to participate in such events. A huge shoutout to Madison Makers community for making such markets accessible for people like me. I found the price for a 10x10 ft booth affordable at $110. Its a great way to get to know the local artist community. I'll be setting up an outdoor tent and hanging up all my art - framed and ready to be hung on a wall. None of it is easy but I enjoy it deeply. 

Collage by local Madison WI artist Sneha Mahajan

If you’re curious about what I’ll be showing in this market - it’s gonna be my collages. I’m still prepping the new ink series so it doesn’t look like I’ll be ready to show that yet. But all my collages are ready to GO!! 😙

So so excited!!!! Come say hi. Have a cold beer. And hope with all your heart that it doesn’t rain. 🧐






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