What I value about sharing my art and creativity with others

Sometimes I get into a mindspace where I feel I shouldn't share my art. What difference is one more painting going to make? It's just a page from my journal. It's just another painting lost in a sea of other little paintings, floating all over the web. Would I make art if I couldn't share it? I don't know the answer to that question yet. Also, I know I don't need to share all the art I make. It's ok to have your own little bundle of paintings, just for you. But, sharing art helps. 

It has helped me learn how to talk about art and how to look at it properly. It's helped me learn about what I like and don't and why. What I want to pursue further in my own work and what not. It's given me confidence. It's helped me learn that I don't need to be a precious princess about the art I make. Not all art I make is beautiful. It doesn't have to be. I paint one piece of paper and then another. Sometimes it's shitty and that's not a big deal. You learn and move on! It has helped me form a community (even if a super tiny online one on Instagram). It has helped me connect with other artists and people interested in looking at art in general. It's helped me discover the wild variety of art making processes, materials and ideas artists use. It's given me ideas about how to elevate my own work.

There are endless benefits to showing your work. Benefits for you and for others around you who experience it. So, show it proudly. Show your work. I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you chose to share it.

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