What is your current creative obsession? Mine is the colour green.


Do you find that sometimes you get obsessed with an idea or thought and then you have to find every possible thing about it? This often happens to me. I jump from topic to topic until something catches my fancy and then I have to know everything about that one topic. This can be a scary way to be because then I really don't know when and what will cause me to move on from something important and therefore lose interest in it. Tell me if this happens to you too. 

My current obsession are these line paintings and this colour palette. It's a range of colours between Prussian Blue and Primary Yellow, but oh my gosh. The deep greens, greenish yellows and blueish greens these two colours create are dreamy AF. The line drawings are turning out to be a quick relaxation technique. As you can tell, they are pretty abstract. There's no real anything going on there, except, that its so very relaxing to add layer upon layer on those lines.

I start with the faintest variation of whatever watery shade I have access to, but within that said palette. Then I add lines of various thickness. All over. Again and again. Then circles, some squares, dots, more lines and bam! Its done!

Can you blame me for being obsessed?

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